Barrington‘s Plettenberg Bay - The Restaurant

Barrington‘s Plettenberg Bay - The Restaurant

Barrington's offers a tranquil, outdoor terrace overlooking the Klein Piesang river bank and garden. This lush setting is perfect for enjoying breakfast or freshly baked pastries from their bakery as well as picking up some organic vegetables and herbs at Barringtons' grocery store before you go on your way!

The iconic architectural style of the building is prevalent in its exterior, but what you see inside goes far beyond just plain old brick and mortar. As soon as those huge metal doors swing open to reveal an oversized fireplace waiting for all eyes within this Northern Irish village bar with views overlooking one side's lush garden territory complete front row seat seats at your own private table while enjoying delicious food alongside classic cocktails made fresh right before them
Brass finishes combine warmly together here while leather adds sophistication; sheepskin provides cozy comfort on cold nights when sitting by large windows framed out across scenic roofs above Barringon’s majestic coral tree – think New York rooftop bar.



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